Here is both my freelance and professional animation work

The Three


The sections I made as part of The Rotojam Collective. Made in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, sections from Rotojam '20, Rotojam '19 and Rotojam '17.

As part of the anthology, Things Took a Turn: In the Beginning watch here. Semi based on Irish mythology. Made using OpenToonz and After Effects. Song Aurora Currents by Asher Fulero.

"Dinner" by Lisa St. John originally published in Ponderings by Finishing Line Press. more work found at Published May of 2018. Showcased at Woodstock Film Festival 2018.

Night's Mirror

My senior film from 2016. Created the set, puppets, and did the shooting, animation, and post-production. It is about my own fears not knowing what is to come, and embracing the future not as fate, but as a friend.

Dinner A Poem by Lisa St. John