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Perspective Pines

   These illustrations were created for a single house vacation lodge at Big Bear Lake, California. The base concept was to create artwork that would be comforting and immersive. There is a Danish word for the concept of coziness and comfort called Hygge. I wanted my art to bring in feelings of wellness and peace, coming all together in this one location.

   I also wanted to bring in the name of the property into the art, Perspective Pines. When everything comes together, comes into view, that sense of clarity and wholeness brings a new level of peace. The artwork is showing the natural environment, but I wanted to play with perspective, trying different angles and close-ups of the natural beauty of the area. My hope is that this work brings a sense of contemplation and mindfulness. I think we all deserve a chance to take our lives into perspective, even in the smallest ways.

Empire Arcana Deck

   This 72 card deck was created as a prop that would be used as the main plot point in the short film Rogue Revolver directed by Jordan Buttolph. The film takes place in The Old West, so the cards needed to have a style that matched the time. A lot of card decks of that era had a hand-drawn design along with woodcut patterns. The Deck is a mix of poker cards and tarot arcana cards. Since the deck would be playing a role in the story, it had to be a playable set like a traditional poker deck, but have the iconography associated with the arcane, to give the viewer a glimpse into the characters and their futures.

   The set consisted of the major arcana, kings, queens, jacks, numbered cards, aces, and a joker. The deck illustrations were created with watercolors and compiled and edited digitally. The design was meant to references ancient Empires throughout history; Ancient Rome, China, Egypt, and Africa are all represented in the different kings and queen cards, along with design references in the arcana cards. The color and design was meant to look like a deck that someone would have created for themselves, given a sense that there was no other deck like this.

Personal Work

A collection of illustrations that I have made, both traditionally and digitally.